Bar codes (QR Codes) for web sites

I was really getting tired of the Wookiee look. So, I called the barber who usually takes care of that for me. She said they don’t allow walk-in customers because of the pandemic, and proceeded to read me a long URL over the phone to make an appointment.

Generally I’m a geek and a Mr. Fixit, so I made her a QR code to post in the shop window for the shop’s appointment web site. Customers can just walk up to the shop window, scan the code on their phones, and make an appointment on the spot. My barber was surprised and happy to know this was possible.

Many people are struggling to reopen their businesses with the help of new web sites after this pandemic mess.  Barbershops need to set up appointments so their waiting rooms don’t get crowded. Restaurants want contact-free online ordering from online menus. Dentists want you to read their safety directions before you show up. And so on. And, we all know it’s hard to type a web address into a mobile phone. QR codes are made for that.

It occurred to me that many people don’t know how to make their QR codes. Sure, if you know what to look for you can find tons of online QR code makers. But all the ones I’ve seen try to sell you something. They don’t just make the QR code and let you print it out.

So I made a super-simple one. It’s here. Type in your business name and your web site address and fiddle with the sizes so it looks nice. Press the Print button, and you’re done. Need another copy? Press the print button again. I hope this helps some people get their businesses up and running.

Stay healthy!

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