The west’s radical transparency: a stake through the heart of Putin’s secrecy.

The unity of NATO, and the effectiveness of the world-wide new attitude towards BS on the intertoobz, owe a lot to something really radical pulled off by the foreign policy dream team Biden put together: Ambassador William Burns, now director of the CIA. Anthony Blinken Secretary of State Avril Haines Director of National Intelligence. They … Read more

Antivirus jumps shark. Cryptomining!

Well, holy cow. Now two different antivirus packages include code to use their hosts’ idle cycles to mine cryptocurrency. Users must opt in to both. But still, if computers were horses we’d say they had parasites and treat them with horse paste (aka Invermectin) to get rid of them. These antivirus packages give our computers … Read more

From around the ‘toobz: articles marking the 50th anniversary of Friedman’s article

Milton Friedman wrote an article called “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase Its Profits” fifty years ago. It is here. Here are some articles marking that anniversary, for reference. Some of them challenge the status quo Friedman established back then. Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times Tom Poldre, B Lab UK Article about … Read more

Hoarding? What? Really?

I went to Market Basket this morning to buy groceries. Market Basket, with their crew, is a major civil institution stabilizing life these days. Love ’em. There’s TP (“bog roll” to English and Scottish friends) available again. I guess the people who’ve laid in several decades’ worth of supplies have figured out they don’t need … Read more