Optimizing WordPress Database Servers

It’s common, and frustrating, for WordPress sites to be slow. When a site is slow for visitors, they give up and go elsewhere. When the dashboard is slow for site owners and content editors, it makes it harder to maintain the site, post new stuff, and handle orders (if it’s a store). Database Optimization Plugins … Read more

MariaDB has dodged the Y2038 date rollover

In a release note for MariaDB 11.5.1 (a release candidate). The TIMESTAMP range of values was extended. The maximal allowed value for timestamps was ‘2038-01-19 03:14:07 UTC’, and is now ‘2106-02-07 06:28:15 UTC’. This does not change the storage format, and new tables can be read by old MariaDB servers as long as timestamp values are within … Read more

Setup Problem at Google Workspace for Nonprofits

Recently I worked to help a local nonprofit org sign up and start using Google Workspace for Nonprofits. It’s basically private-labeled gmail and Google Drive. An org can use their own domain to get email. For example, if you use Google Workspace you can get your email at programs@example.org address instead of programs.example.org@gmail.com, or whatever. … Read more