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New life from old computer

Do you have a 2005-onward vintage computer from which you need to squeeze a few more years of life? Here’s what you do. Use‘s memory upgrade adviser to figure out what RAM you can buy for it, and order that memory. (If you use their adviser software and the memory you order doesn’t work, you get your money back.) When… Read more →

Instagram the new Kodak? WhatsApp the new Ma Bell? Really?

Instagram is the new Kodak! So say respected public thinkers and pundits. A fifteen-person company has rubbed out a 147,000-person company. It’s the end of honest work and middle-class life. We’ll be all sitting in coffee shops delightedly sending selfies to each other. Now Facebook is sinking tens of gigadollars into a 70-person company called WhatsApp. The argument goes that… Read more →

New emailer services

Here are a couple of emailer services. This one needs investigating. This provides an API, and a WordPress plugin called wpmandrill. It’s a freemium service allowing up to 12K messages per month unpaid. It integrates nicely with WordPress, and provides pretty good SPF and DKIM email-authentication support. Read more →