Post From Email

Post from Email is a WordPress plugin for accepting email messages and creating posts from them.

It’s especially designed to create WordPress posts from email blasts. If you use Constant Contact, MailChimp, or another email marketing service, you can put your WordPress site on your email list and this plugin will create a post on your site. If you’re like many organizations, you go to a lot of trouble to send email blasts. This plugin lets you capture that work on your WordPress web site.

The plugin is open-source software. You can find it here. You can tell me about bugs, suggestions, and other issues here.

As of late May 2023, I am still developing this plugin. I haven’t yet decided whether to go through the process of releasing it to the plugin repository on If you have an opinion on that, dear reader, please leave me an issue.

Configuring the plugin

When you activate the plugin, you’ll see a dashboard menu item (on the left) labelled Posts from Email. That lets you manage templates for this plugin. Each template lets you set up an email source. An email sources can be

  • A specific dedicated mailbox on an email server of your choice.
  • A REST request from or a similar service that receives email messages and posts them.
  • A URL

On the panel for creating or editing templates you will see little circled question-mark icons. Click them for help.

Open questions

See the issues.

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