Considering a new web site… here are some questions to ask yourself.

Is there an existing web site that’s being upgraded or replaced? If so, what is it?

Do you already own a domain name (for example or some such)? Or does the project include obtaining one?

Does your business already have a Facebook page, or will we want to set up one of those too? What is the Facebook page?

Will you be hoping to conduct any kind of e-commerce through the web site? (appointments, payments, etc)?

Do you want to maintain the site yourselves when the project is done, or do you want your site developer to do that?

In a few words, what’s the purpose of the web site? (Examples: Show off an online portfolio. Attract new customers. Psych out competitors.)

What audience is the web site intended to serve?

How will you know the web site is serving its purpose and audience?

Roughly how many pages will the site include? Here are some examples of pages.

  • Home or front door page.
  • About us page.
  • Contact page.
  • Directions page.
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.
  • Products or Services pages (how many?)
  • References and Testimonials.

Will the site include a news section or blog section that you update regularly?

Do you already have lots of photos or lots of written material that should be posted to your new web site? If so, please briefly describe how much information?

Are there any similar web sites out there that you admire? that you DON’T admire?
If so, what are they and what attracts you to them, or repels you from them?

Does any part of the information on the web site need to be confidential; that is visible only to people with passwords?

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