New Microsoft Edge rolls out to everybody this month

About time! the new Chromium-based Edge browser will show up on Windows 10 machines in this month’s update.

For the cancelled Internet Explorer and Legacy Edge project people, I would have more sympathy if their work products hadn’t baffled software developers for a quarter-century. IE and old Edge were in the uncanny valley of compatibility. They worked well enough that people used them, but poorly enough to consume hours and hours of developer time screwing around with our web apps to make them work. Good riddance.

Microsoft! Want to make a little money from developers? Set up a Web Extension Store to compete with Google’s. Hire some actual people to vet the extensions for security and all that. Charge us $100 a year or something for the service. Google’s AI stuff has been deleting extensions from the store based on incorrect assessments of their security issues. And, there’s no way to write to them to explain ourselves, and very few ways to find out what their AI didn’t like. Of course, the nature of neural-network AI is that it can’t really explain its findings.

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