This tab shows general information about the plugin, and how to contact the authors. We take your feedback seriously and try to help if you encounter problems. (But, be aware that if you used the plugin without backing up your site first, we can’t help if your site is corrupted.)

  • For support please visit our support forum on
  • To rate and review the plugin, please visit the reviews forum on
  • If you may have found a software defect in the plugin, please open an issue on its Github repository.

For reference, this tab repeats the notices and current status sections of the High-Performance Keys tab.

Finally, it offers you a way to upload descriptive metadata — information about your database server and your WordPress site — to the plugin’s servers. We, the authors, are grateful for any metadata you upload, as it allows us to learn more about our users’ sites and improve the plugin. Metadata from many of your sites has already helped us.

The plugin generates a random upload id for you. If you prefer, you can give your own upload id.

Your metadata is anonymous. It is yours, not ours. The plugin removes identifying information before uploading it. We are not in the data-hoovering business, and we will never sell or give your data to any third party.

If you request support or open a Github issue, please upload your metadata and include your upload id in your message. It helps us understand your situation.