Provisioning Windows to do RiseVision development

These are my notes on provisioning Windows (W7PRO, SP1 x64) for working on the open source RiseVision stuff.

Here’s where the RiseVision stuff lives on GitHub.

Here are Donna Peplinski’s instructions for provisioning your machine.

  1. Get GIT.
  2. Get node.js from http::// and install it. Use the Windows binary. Run a simple node.js acceptance test according to these instructions.
  3. Open up a power shell or cmd and type npm install -g bower to get the Bower Package Manager. As it runs npm announces the installation of a lot of dependent packages.
  4. Type npm install -g gulp to get the Gulp build manager. As it runs npm announces some more dependent packages.

That’s the stuff you need.

To download and build the stock open-source calendar widget, do this sequence of commands in a git-enabled powershell.

git clone
cd widget-google-calendar
npm install
bower install
gulp build

The npm and bower steps chatter a lot, with some deprecation warnings, etc.

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