Google Chromecast digisign references

These are notes on digital signage on the Google Chromecast.

Google’s docs   Console   Writeup

SaaS vendors. (local launch)  (not up yet)

Chromecast code repos

"C" is for Chromecast: hacking digital signage


The Chromecast device does a good job of displaying media at 1080p resolution.  However, any web pages surrounding that media to provide a user interface are limited to 720p resolution.

The Chromecast device isn’t set up to run autonomously. If it isn’t connected to a browser on a machine on the same network, it reverts to showing the so-called “backdrop” application. You can put photos into your Chromecast backdrop, but you can’t otherwise control its user interface.

RiseVision Proof-of-Concept Chromecast Display

(This might actually be a disproof-of-concept; the device does handle the content of 720p-resolution Rise displays; but it goes away if you close your browser.)

Plug in your CC, get it working (test it with YouTube or some such site), then…
1. load this web page into Chrome.
2. Use the Cast UI in the upper right of Chrome to choose your Chromecast
3. Punch your RiseVision Display ID into the big text box and hit Return.


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