Stop overmeasuring customer service agents already!

These days it seems like I can’t call any business at all to ask a question without getting a survey afterward.

I called an insurance company to ask “hey can you look up my policy number?” The agent on the phone did so efficiently and securely. I said “thanks” and I thought we were done.

But no. Later I got a call saying they wanted me to take a survey.

The first question was “were you satisfied.” Obviously, I answered “yes.”

The next question was the dreaded Net Promoter Score question: “On a scale of one to ten how likely are you to recommend us to a friend.”  I was busy so I disconnected from the survey.

But, I know these agents get measured on their net promoter scores. They can lose their jobs if the NPS values aren’t either nine or ten.  And I was perfectly satisfied with a small interaction. So, why why why do I have to take a survey or have the agent get punished?

Call Center Managers: please consider getting rid of all this surveying.  Evaluate people the old-fashioned way: observe them working. Don’t put that burden on your customers.

I don’t mind answering the NPS question once in a while, especially after a complex transaction. But after a simple question?  Please!

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