Hoarding? What? Really?

I went to Market Basket this morning to buy groceries. Market Basket, with their crew, is a major civil institution stabilizing life these days. Love ’em.

There’s TP (“bog roll” to English and Scottish friends) available again. I guess the people who’ve laid in several decades’ worth of supplies have figured out they don’t need more.

The ramen is almost gone. I get that.

But the flour is gone. I bake my own bread so I know what to do with flour. Once in a while I buy a five-point bag of flour; it takes me three or four weeks to use it up. But I’ve seen people buying four five-pound bags. I bet some of these people don’t know how to use flour. You can only serve pancakes for a few weeks to a family for every meal before they crave something else.

The dried beans are also running low. Another strange thing to hoard.

C’mon neighbors. Stop hoarding. This is a health emergency, not an expedition to Mars.

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