Sample policy for sponsor links for nonprofits

Non-profit organizations often get asked to display sponsor links on their web sites.  Here is a draft policy for doing that.  (Of course, sponsors get what they want in a lot of cases, but if somebody asks for a policy it helps to have one.)

On the sponsor page of our web site, organization displays a logo, company name, tag-line, address,  telephone number, email and web address for each active sponsor.  The sponsor’s logo and name are hyperlinked to a web address (landing page) of the sponsor’s choice.
The sponsor furnishes the logo graphic, hyperlink, and other text information to organization for the sponsor page on our web site. If the sponsor does not furnish this information, organization will make best efforts to provide appropriate graphics and text, but will not provide any hyperlink.
Ideally, the furnished graphic should be 200 x 60 or smaller, and should be a PNG or GIF file, but organization is flexible about specifics. All sponsor graphics and text shall be served from the organization web site. Sponsor text is rendered as web text. organization cannot offer sponsors a choice of typefaces for their text.
All clicks on sponsor links shall open new browser pages or tabs for the user, and all sponsor links shall be “followable” by search engines.  That is, they are not marked ‘nofollow’. (This is the best option for SEO page ranking for the sponsor.)
We are grateful for our sponsors’ support. On request we will make any reasonable effort to accommodate sponsor branding and linking needs on our sponsor page. Please don’t hesitate to inquire, and please keep in mind that we are a volunteer non-profit organization.

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