Filters in Jetpack’s shortcode implementations

This is a list of filters that show up in Jetpack (version 2.0.4).  This information may come in handy for those who would write themese or plugins to extend or alter Jetpack functionality.


This lets plugin code fiddle with the audio player’s color scheme. It takes one argument, an array of colors that looks like this.


“bg” => “0xF8F8F8”,

“leftbg” => “0xEEEEEE”,

“lefticon” => “0x666666”,

“rightbg” => “0xCCCCCC”,

“rightbghover” => “0x999999”,

“righticon” => “0x666666”,

“righticonhover” => “0xFFFFFF”,

“text” => “0x666666”,

“slider” => “0x666666”,

“track” => “0xFFFFFF”,

“border” => “0x666666”,

“loader” => “0x9FFFB8”


jetpack_static_url ($url)

Takes a fully qualified URL as the first argument.  This is useful if you want to change the URL of an asset like the player.swf audio player.

 jetpack_bail_on_shortcode ($boolean, ‘googlemaps’)

This returns a Boolean variable.  If it returns true, Jetpack ignores the shortcode in question.  It’s called from Jetpack with either ‘googlemaps’ or ‘youtube’ in the second parameter. It’s also called with contact-form elsewhere.  No usage is apparent.

 video_flash_params ( $params, 10,1 )

youtube_width ($width) and youtube_height ($height)

These filters allow filter code to intervene in the youtube player width and height.


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