Narrow high-pressure road bike tires considered harmful

I just stumbled across this article debunking the idea that skinny road bicycle tires are faster than wider ones.

I’ve been riding on 700c x 25 Continental clincher tires pumped to 100 psi (~7 bar) for a long time now. But when I read Jan Heine’s piece I resolved to try some 700c x 32 tires at 75 psi (~5 bar).

They’re wonderful. A few years back I had some extreme dental work. The surgeon gave me a Percocet (just one) to take right afterward, and it was like magic — pain vanished and a sense of well-being took over. I’m lucky he gave me just one, or I might be a junkie.

The 32 tires are like taking a Percocet! But legal and non-addictive. The wider, softer tires are like taking a pain killer. The road buzz vanisheed and my upper body can relax. I don’t have to fear crumbling pavement or bumps any more. I don’t know if they’re faster or slower yet. But I do know I can put my energy into biking instead of hanging on for dear life.

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