The west’s radical transparency: a stake through the heart of Putin’s secrecy.

The unity of NATO, and the effectiveness of the world-wide new attitude towards BS on the intertoobz, owe a lot to something really radical pulled off by the foreign policy dream team Biden put together: Ambassador William Burns, now director of the CIA. Anthony Blinken Secretary of State Avril Haines Director of National Intelligence. They … Read more

Register WordPress Hooks Declaratively

Have you ever written any WordPress code that needed to register a lot of hooks — a lot of actions and filters? Have you ever forgotten to put the right number of $expectedArgs into the call to add_action() or add_filter()? Worse, have you ever forgotten your call to one of those? No more! This article … Read more

Good WordPress developer tools

This, a work-in-progress, is a list of good tools for WordPress developers. Plugins Query Monitor by John Blackbourn. Monitors pretty much everything that happens on WordPress page views, not just queries. WP Rollback by Reinstalls previous versions of themes or plugins. Demo Press by Milan Petrovic. Generates fake content and can create many posts, … Read more

Antivirus jumps shark. Cryptomining!

Well, holy cow. Now two different antivirus packages include code to use their hosts’ idle cycles to mine cryptocurrency. Users must opt in to both. But still, if computers were horses we’d say they had parasites and treat them with horse paste (aka Invermectin) to get rid of them. These antivirus packages give our computers … Read more

WordPress plugin release tools

When developing WordPress plugin for distribution on the directory, we need some tools to automate the release process. It’s convenient to use github (or another source-code control vendor) to hold the day-to-day development source code. And, when we’re ready to release the plugin to the WordPress repository, we need to use WordPress’s Subversion (svn) … Read more