Mean Absolute Deviation

Nassim Taleb wrote a provocative article on Edge.Org calling for using the Mean Absolute Deviation in place of the more popular standard deviation as a measure of the variability of a collection of observations. His reasoning is persuasive to me, especially his claim that the standard deviation is widely misapplied and misunderstood. MySQL (like many … Read more

Top ten ways to make sure your church website works

“Hey, it’s Easter tomorrow.” “Oh, that’s right. We should go to church somewhere.” “Pass me the Yellow Pages.” “Wait, I think the paper has a Church Services listing. Let me look.” Question: What’s wrong with this scenario? Answer: Nothing, for 1970. There was a day when publicizing your church was simple: spend three hundred bucks … Read more

Animation and Imagination for Kids

Jarrett J Krosoczka, the author of the Lunch Lady books, gave a great talk about creativity. The Boyz Club guys love making stop-motion videos. We’re using an iPhone with the Frameographer app. It’s cheap but not free, and it works well. Here are a couple of videos made that way: I’m thinking about showing them … Read more

Sample policy for sponsor links for nonprofits

Non-profit organizations often get asked to display sponsor links on their web sites.  Here is a draft policy for doing that.  (Of course, sponsors get what they want in a lot of cases, but if somebody asks for a policy it helps to have one.) On the sponsor page of our web site, organization displays … Read more

Resources for WordPress plugin development

PHP Manual   PHP The Right Way  Vagrant Opscode Chef Cookbook sources    php-o … some function wrappers Guidelines for theme development: some of this applies to plugins as well. Messing around with the new media manager   Gmail Modern HTML/CSS tutorial PDF metadata From the CODEX Hints and tips Best practices … Read more

Shortpack — a WordPress plugin

What is Shortpack? This Shortpack plugin is a straight ripoff from Jetpack, containing just its media shortcodes.  I packaged it up it because of reliability problems I was having in the network connection between the servers and my hosting provider.  It provides the same shortcodes as Jetpack: archives, audio, blip, dailymotion, diggthis, flickr, googlemaps, … Read more

Filters in Jetpack’s shortcode implementations

This is a list of filters that show up in Jetpack (version 2.0.4).  This information may come in handy for those who would write themese or plugins to extend or alter Jetpack functionality. audio_player_default_colors(color) This lets plugin code fiddle with the audio player’s color scheme. It takes one argument, an array of colors that looks … Read more