Provisioning Windows to do RiseVision development

These are my notes on provisioning Windows (W7PRO, SP1 x64) for working on the open source RiseVision stuff. Here’s where the RiseVision stuff lives on GitHub. Here are Donna Peplinski’s instructions for provisioning your machine. Get GIT. Get node.js from http::// and install it. Use the Windows binary. Run a simple node.js acceptance test … Read more

Digital signage vendor list

This is a list of vendors for digital signage, in no particular order. RiseVision  Free as in kittens, free as in speech, SaaS, some premium products. WonderSign   $40 per month plus $20 per extra display. SoCal, SaaS, Freemium, hardware systems are offered. 11Giraffes  Prices not published. Deep retail communications products. DISE  Lots of multi-screen support, … Read more

Using SQL to report by time intervals in Oracle

This is an Oracle-specific edition of the article explaining the same subject for MySQL. It’s often helpful to use SQL to group and summarize information by periods of time. For example, we might like to examine sales data. For example, we might have a table of individual sales transactions like so. Sales: sales_id int sales_time date net … Read more